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Porthos are lightweight, super soft and temperature-regulating. They are the most elegant, comfortable and functional addition to any outfit. Read more about the abilities of Alpaca hair by clicking here.

How to wash Porthos: You can wash them on a 30° gentle wash program along with other (colourful) laundry. They will be especially happy if you wash them by hand.

We recommend to wash the socks once before you wear them for the first time because before the first wash, the colour can stain.

Alpaca yarn from Peru, manufactured in Portugal | 
Material composition: 81% Royal Alpaca, 17% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Please note that the colours might look slightly different on every screen

The Tale of Porthos

It was a rainy morning in May 1643. Like every other day, Porthos was ready for the market, dressed in his weaving mill making clothes. He had taken over the weaving mill several years ago after his wife had died after losing the battle to a long illness. Business was going well and Porthos could not complain about his financial situation. Nevertheless, the widower sensed a deep emptiness in his life. His beloved wife had gone and there was not much left of his once so glorious life.

However, this day was about to take an unexpected turn when somebody knocked on the wooden gate. Slowly, Porthos strolled towards the door. He was not expecting anyone and he did not want see anybody. However, when he opened the gate he could not believe his eyes. His heart skipped a beat. It was his once faithful companion D’Artagnan. The curly dark hair, the dark brown eyes, the muscular body – without a doubt, it was him! Even before Porthos could reminisce about the old times, D’Artagnan said: “All hail, Porthos. I have come all the way to tell you that the Queen is in great danger. Let’s not waste any time, it is urgent! I will explain everything to you on the way.” Porthos did not have to think for a second. He was ready to live his old life again - as a poor but highly respected man, standing up for the good and fighting for justice and freedom. And especially, doing so alongside his closest companions - the two other Musketeers.

He had been dreaming of this moment for a long time, and now it had finally come. However, it was not only in his dreams that he had prepared for this moment. In memory of his life as mercenary and the adventurous time, he had also woven socks in the colours of the former coat of arms of the Three Musketeers. Red, blue and green - symbolic of solidarity, bravery and loyalty. He opened the drawer and took out the fine knee socks. They would now become part of the Three Musketeers’ new uniform and give them a feeling of comfort and warmth even on cold days.

D’Artagnan and Porthos saddled their horses and rode towards the riverbank of the Seine to meet the other companions. United as the Three Musketeers they set off to save the Queen. One for all, all for one.