If you do this, your socks will be happy

You've bought your Alpaca socks, you felt like walking on clouds with them and now it's time to wash your favourite product.

A good message right in the beginning: Alpaca fibers have a natural ability to self-clean. Therefore, you don’t need to wash your products nearly as often as you would expect. Actually, the fewer you wash your socks, the more durable they will stay. So pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your free time.

And here they are, our expert tips to prolong the fluffy lifetime of your socks. Upfront: Your socks will be especially happy if you wash them by hand. But we are well aware that life can get busy sometimes. Therefore, we are happy to say that our products can also be safely washed in the washing machine when following some care instructions.

use cold water or maximum 30°C
Wash on a gentle wash program or delicate cycle
Do not spin at more than 600RPM
use only mild detergents, no fabric softener
Do not tumble dry
Wash similar colours together
Do not iron
Don't wash too often

With these alpaca sock care instructions you can enjoy your soft, warm and breathable alpaca socks for a long time!