Searching for the perfect autum and winter socks that are comfy yet stylish? Search no more, you are in the right place. With the Fluffy Duo you can be sure to make the right choice. With their slightly thicker yarn consisting mainly of Baby Alpaca (74%), they are the fluffiest and softest socks in our assortment. Additionally, the structure oft he Alpaca hair ensures ideal breathability as it absorbs and releases moisture.

Whether is raining cats and dogs outside or snowing heavily – with the Fluffy Duo you are well equipped! And you know what is best? They are not only perfect for outdoor activities, they will also give you ideal comfort in the office or at home. Depending on your mood you can choose between our beige Sandy and our blue Cloudsurfer. Warning: We cannot assume any liability in case you have your head in the sky when wearing the Cloudsurfer in the office.

Baby Alpaca hair…Wait whaaat?
Don't worry, Baby Alpaca is not hair from young alpacas. It is merely a term for the second-finest alpaca fiber. Touch it and you will see: It’s so fluffy!

The Three Musketeers

Did you know that already the glorious Three Musketeers had a good feeling for style? You may not believe it but rumors have it that they achieved their famous victories in the most fashionable garments and with the most elegant socks. Check out all their stories in the shop.

Let’s be realistic. Nowadays our battles are not fought with sword and horse, but our every day life is not calm either. Yearly tax declaration, well meant advice from your neighbors how to best raise your child or long office hours due to unrealistic timelines. Yep, you know the drill. Well, we cannot help you with the tax declaration, but at least we can support you with another problem: cold or sweaty feet. Our socks - called after our honourable wearers - consist of 81% Royal Alpaca and come in the most wonderful colors. Did you know that Alpaca hair is almost like a wonder fiber? Not only is it extremely smooth, the fiber structure also ensures ideal breathability and thermoregulation.

Whether you wear them to your suit, your traditional leather pants, or to your Sunday outfit with chinos and sneakers. Those socks will give your feet a comfortable and fresh feeling throughout your day - whatever it may hold.

Royal Alpaca is the rarest and finest Alpaca fibre there is. Thus, the Three Musketeers are quite literally the finest Alpaca socks out there. We are sure, you will feel the difference.

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