General questions

Some questions we get asked frequently.

Our socks love your feet, regardless of your gender :)

Socks containing alpaca hair have a lot of advantages over cotton socks. Read everything you need to know on our 'Why our socks?' page.

Yes, alpaca socks are awesome. Read through the 'Why our socks?' page and you'll know all the advantages.

However, alpaca socks are not like normal cotton socks. They will look s bit different after a month of wearing. They will get fluffier and smoother. But no worries, they will still look beautiful :)

There are two sizes for now:

1. Medium: 37-42

2. Large: 43-47

If you have size 43-45 but don't want high socks, you can also go for the medium site. They'll fit you well, too. We promise.

Shipping policy

We hope you find your question about shipping here.

For now, we ship within Europe. If you would like to order from outside Europe, please send us a message and we'll make it happen.

Within Austria, your order should arrive within two or three days. Within the rest Europe, it might take up to 5 days.

Sock Care

Taking care of your socks is important - read here how to do it.

If you really, really love them you can wash them by hand.

However, the socks can be washed with other clothing at 30° in your washing machine. Please don't wash them at higher temperatures.

It's normal for alpaca socks to loose a few hair from time to time. Our production processes minimize pilling but it can happen.

Encourage it! :)

Alpaca socks are different than cotton socks. They get a bit fluffy after some time but this is not a problem - it just makes them softer.

First, clean your floor ;)

Second, enjoy your coffe (or tea if you prefer).

Returns and exchanges

We hope you find your question about returns and exchanges here.

We don't believe this is possible. However, in the unfortunate event of this happening, please let us know immediately. We will surely find a good solution for you. And as we say on the 'Why our socks?' page: If you absolutely hate them, we'll gladly send a pair to your worst enemy.

Please let us know at

You can return your socks free of charge up to 14 days after they arrived on your door step. Please note that we can only take back socks that you have not worn. 


We hope you find your question about the material here.

The socks are made of high-quality alpaca hair from happy Peruvian alpacas. We make sure to only use alpaca hair that is certified according to international ecological standards.

In addition to this, we also have to add some polyamide and elastane to ensure their durability. If we made them only with alpaca hair they would dissolve pretty quickly.

Polyamide adds durability to your sock. Through special production processes and natural fibers with similar capabilities as polyamide we are trying to decrease the amount of synthetic fiber. New compositions are on the way.

Production and Packaging

We hope you find your question about the production and packaging here.

The yarn comes from a great, certified producer in Peru. They breed their own alpacas on a huge estate in the highlands - they are as happy as alpacas can be.

Our socks are 100% made in Europe - to be specific, in Portugal. It is important to us that production is conducted under fair working conditions.

Your order will arrive in an envelope, the socks wrapped in silk paper containing a little note for you.

We believe you don't need the countless layers of packaging and tags clothing usually comes in. So much waste could be avoided if just every brand minimized their fancy packaging.

We package our socks as minimalistically as possible - an envelope, a bit of silk paper, a sticker and a tiny note. That's more than enough to keep your socks safe during their journey.