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Cloudsurfer are cozy, super soft and a guarantee for warm feet. Thanks to the Alpaca fibre they are perfect for a cozy time at home. Read more about the abilities of Alpaca hair by clicking here.

How to wash Cloudsurfer: You can wash them on a 30° gentle wash program along with other (similarly coloured) laundry. They will be especially happy if you wash them by hand.

Alpaca yarn from Peru, manufactured in Portugal | 
Material composition: 74% Baby Alpaca, 24% Polyamide, 1% Polyester, 1% Elastane | Please note that the colours might look slightly different on every screen

The Tale of The Cloudsurfer

The light from the streetlamps refracted in a colourful spectacle in the raindrops running down the window. Calm, cheerful music from the musicians down at the street made its way through the window and filled the room. Marie stood in front of a large canvas. She had already painted the first layer of bright red, neon yellow and poison green paint the day before and had waited for it to dry. Now, she opened a soft pink tube and applied the paste to the entire surface of the painting until nothing more of yesterday’s paint was visible. A touch of soft pink - the painting now reflected Marie's appearance: young, reserved, fragile. Without much hesitation, Marie took a small spatula and scraped away part of the newly applied layer to reveal the bright colours beneath. This was the real Marie who was hiding behind the seemingly lovely façade: an extroverted, courageous and self-confident woman. 

Growing up in a small village in the countryside, where traditions were more important than anything else and had to be followed every day, Marie stood out from the crowd even as a toddler. From her first day of school on, she wore different coloured socks. Not because she was looking for attention, but simply because she liked it. Even as a teenager, she did not pursue the classic career paths such as a chef or a teacher. She was firmly convinced that one day she would become an explorer and discoverer. Marie yearned for the unknown, the unexplored. She dreamed of discovering a new world and pictured herself on a journey into the jungle or to the eternal ice.

Marie lived with her head in the clouds, in the most positive way. She didn't think anything was impossible, was always striving for something greater. Life was a playground for her and not even the sky was the limit. Even in the truest sense of the meaning: when she was just seventeen years old, she set off on a hot air balloon trip to India that lasted several days. She had saved up the money for the trip with determination over several months. Not only once was she laughed at by her friends, but deep down every one of them wished to be just as courageous as she was.

Marie dropped the brushes and spatulas into a glass of water and headed towards the sofa. With a cosy blanket, tea and her new fluffy alpaca socks, she made herself comfortable. Outside, the rain was still pattering against the window. Lost in thought, she gazed at the cloudy night sky. Tomorrow she would celebrate her 30th birthday with her closest family and friends. She thought about the last 30 years, happy about all her experiences and the fact that she had always remained true to herself, had paved her own way. She was sure this wasn’t going to change in this next decade of her life – and she couldn’t wait for all the adventures awaiting her.