The Royal Pair

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The Royal Pair is lightweight, super soft and temperature-regulating. Wear them in winter, wear them in summer - your feet will keep the optimal temperature. Read more about the abilities of Alpaca hair by clicking here.

How to wash The Royal Pair: You can wash them on a normal 30° wash program along with other (colourful) laundry.

Alpaca yarn from Peru, manufactured in Portugal | Material composition: 64% Alpaca, 34% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Please note that the colours might look slightly different on every screen


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The Tale of The Royal Pair

Worn by the noblest Kings and Queens throughout generations and generations, these socks find themselves in many tales and legends amongst crowns, swords and sceptres. Historians still argue about their denotation but most of them just call them ‘The Royal Pair’.

Crafted in the famous manufactory of Orthenborough, the Royal Pair was exclusively reserved for Kings and Queens. Not rarely would it happen that the English King gifted these socks to his royal buddies. Rumor has it that at some point in the 15th century, almost all European rulers (except the French, nobody liked the French) wore a Royal Pair gifted by the English King. The Royal Pair has seen great victory as well as grave defeat. But regardless, it has always very neatly covered the Kings’ and Queens' feet.

While the last sock master of Orthenborough passed away in 1878, their secrets were preserved. They were thought to be lost forever but luckily – and surprisingly - found not long ago in a treasure chest by the mill of Orthenborough. The script was taken to the last mysterious masters who, today, are still crafting these royal socks. And from these mysterious masters, my dear reader, you’ll be sent your pair today. Trust me when I say, the story of your pair has only just begun and will be an incredible tale to tell as well.